'Bootleg' Productions - Preprints at bioRxiv:

Inter-species conservation of organisation and function between non-homologous regional centromeres. Tong, P., Pidoux, A.L., Toda, N.R., Ard, R., Berger, H., Shukla, M., Torres-Garcia, J., Mueller, C.A., Nieduszynski, C.A. & Allshire, R.C. (2018) bioRxiv.

Centromeric DNA destabilizes H3 nucleosomes to promote CENP-A deposition during the cell cycle. Shukla, M., Tong, P., White, S.A., Singh, P.P., Reid, A.M., Catania, S., Pidoux, A.L. & Allshire, R.C. (2017). bioRxiv.

Swr1 mediated H2A.Z/Pht1 incorporation designates centromere DNA for de novo CENP-A/Cnp1 assembly. Kulasegaran-Shylini, R., Subramanian, L., Kerr, A.R., Spanos, C., Rappsilber, J. & Allshire, R.C. (2017). bioRxiv.